November 2015
Billie Silvey
The Community
We were all there for different reasons--
community people who lived in the
neighborhood, people who were there to
study at the college, people who were there
because of the Christian nature of the

We were curious, well-intentioned and
young.  We were black and white and Asian.  
Three of us talked on the phone the other day
and wondered what made it so special.  Was
it that we were young?  Why were we still so
glad to hear from each other after all these

We were students at the old campus at
Pepperdine University, we worshipped
together at the Vermont Avenue Church of

Someone was talking the other day about
when we all went out to the new campus,
and I said, "Some of us called it 'White flight.'"

The photo above shows Len Nguyen and
Frank and me at our 50th Wedding
Anniversary. Len is the deputy for our local
city councilman.  He and I worked together to
help start the Palms Neighborhood Council,
and he brought congratulations from the
councilman and our mayor for our 50th  
anniversary.    It was a treat to have him there.
It was also a treat to have Joe and Betty
Bridges (above) from the Vermont Avenue
Church and the South Central Community.  

I've always tried to be active in the
community, as well as in the church and the
schools we and our children attended.

The recent shootings of black people by
white policemen have pointed out once again
how hard it is for our country to get race
relations right.  It's so important for all of us to
make friends of the people around us,
regardless of race and other divisions.