October 2015
Billie Silvey
Kathy was born in 1969 in Bethesda Naval
Hospital (when Frank was stationed in
Virginia) after a wild trip across D.C. with me
reading the map and giving directions
between contractions.  

We had both of our children naturally, and
we'd taken classes so Frank could coach me
in the delivery room, but the Navy wouldn't
allow it.  

We were back home in L.A. when Robert was
born in 1973, and Frank was able to assist at
Daniel Freeman Hospital in Inglewood.  

I breastfed both of the kids.  It seemed like
the way God made things to work, and a
close and loving way to start our relationship.

As an editor for
20th Century Christian
, I was able to work at home and
care for the kids.  Working moms were an  
uncommon thing at the time, and Helen
Young and I co-wrote
Time Management for
Christian Women
partially to encourage

"Don't leave the Lord out of your work life," we
wrote.  "Strive for a union of professional and
spiritual lives.  See your work as an
opportunity to minister."

We have been so blessed with our wonderful
children.  They're so different--from each
other and from each of us--and yet such
delightful people to get to know.  And, as
we've grown older, I'm sure it's obvious how
much we depend on them for both love and

Kathy teaches English in community
college--everything from composition to
critical thinking.  Robert works as a
projectionist for Arc
Light theaters in Culver

Granddaughter Katyana Hall is a real
blessing--full of life and beauty and bursting
with energy and song.

I had the greatest Mother's Day celebration
this year!  As you can see from the photos
below and to the right, Kath and Katyana took
me to high tea at the Culver Hotel.  Layla
Brisco had arranged it for us, and everything
was perfect!
Billie with Kathy and Robert in 1975 (above), and Frank with
them a few years later (left).
Robert had to work that day, but we could see
him out the window beside us and across the
plaza working at the new ArcLight Theater.  When
we finished our tea, we went over, and he
showed us their wonderful new facilities.  He
really loves his new job at the Arclight