In 1995, we left South Los Angeles and the South Bay to
move to Culver City for a new job I’d accepted with the
Culver Palms Church of Christ.  I had been hired to
work as Outreach Coordinator for the church, and we
rented a house nearby with an option to buy.

We bought the house in 2000.  It seemed a little
strange to be buying our first house when both our
children had  moved out, but it was the first time we had
been able to.  

Now that we’re in our 70s, I’m happy that we’ll have
something of value to leave to our children.

The house has three bedrooms, and since his
apartment building was torn down, Robert has lived
with us.  We were all happy he was here when he
saved my life when I had a seizure after getting home
after my surgery for hydrocephalus in 2012.

He called 911 and located my insurance card, and
when I came to, I was surprised to find myself back in
the hospital.  I was sure I’d just been released.

Often, Kathy and Katyana spend Saturday nights on the
couch that makes into a bed in the back room where
the TV is.  The next morning, they take me to church so
they don’t have to make the drive from Redondo Beach.

I woke up during a recent Saturday night and was happy
to realize that we were all together again.

When we bought the house, we made several
improvements.  The first was on the roof.  We’d had
some leaks, and we hired a company to come fix it.  It
turned out that a flat roof like ours wasn’t supposed to have
more than three layers of roofing, and ours had five!  The rain
would get caught between the layers and weight it down as
well as causing leaks.

The next thing we were concerned about was earthquakes,
so we had a company come check the foundation.  It turned
out that the foundation was fine and the house was fine; they
just weren’t connected to each other!  Now that they are, the
house will be much more stable when the ground starts

One thing of great value about our house is that it has its own
driveway leading to the garage.  The driveway is long enough
to park five cars, which is wonderful in this area of limited

We also have a large backyard, which our granddaughter
Katyana claims as her own.  At one point, I found a list she'd
made of things in her backyard—trees, a swing set, bricks,
the house she built with bricks, a table and chairs.  Just the
other day, she was showing me the garden she’d built next to
her house.  She'd outlined it with bricks and was making
rows in it with a toy rake.

Another great thing was that we were closer to museums
and libraries.  From May 5, 1996 to November 11, 1997, I did
research on the English poet Byron at the Huntington Library.

It was a wonderful place to work, with a great collection of
books and manuscripts.  As a reader, I had my own chair at a
table with a space on the bookshelf behind me where I could
leave my books marked at the place where I'd stopped one
day to pick up the next.  At noon, I could buy lunch and eat in
one of the Huntington's beautiful gardens.
November 2015
Billie Silvey
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Our House
The Huntington Library (left) and the Chinese
Garden there (below).
Our house (below) and Sony Studios at the
end of the block (left).
The November issue of my website is the seventh chapter of my memoirs, which I’m publishing between now and the
end of the year.  The
sixth chapter was the story of Frank's time in the Navy during the Vietnam war, the arrival of our
children Kathy and Robert, and my work as a writer and editor.

This installment is about our life after moving to Culver City: my membership at the
Culver Palms Church of Christ, my
ministry there and memories of some great ministers I've worked with, and involvement in the community in the Palms
Neighborhood Council.

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