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Anyone who has been reading this website for very long knows
that autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the scents, and
the one holiday that has avoided being commercialized and has
maintained at least a semblance of its original significance.  

I love the fact that here in Southern California, the summer heat has
finally broken and the air is growing crisp and cool. In autumn you
can grab a sweater or a blanket and feel comfortably toasty. In
summer, you can't always take off enough to feel cool.

I love Thanksgiving, and this has been a year of unusual gratitude
for me. Another unusual thing this year has been that most of my
thankfulness came in the summer. Each month this summer was
marked by a particular activity or event that had me thanking God
almost continuously through the season.  

Now, with Thanksgiving upon us, I am reminded again to be
grateful--for health, for family and friends, and for the wonderful
events of the past summer.

Just after Kathy's and Katyana's schools let out, we went to two
local museums I'd somehow missed before. The first was the
National Center of the American West at Griffith Park. This year is
the Autry's 25th anniversary. It's a large and well-known repository
for Western culture and the various cultures that make up Los
Angeles. I especially enjoyed seeing the actual chuck wagon and
the beautiful stagecoach on display.  

We also visited the
Flight Path Learning Center and Museum at the
Imperial Terminal at LAX. It's a specialized museum that
concentrates on the history of LAX and of flight in Los Angeles.  

Katyana was delighted to be able to play in the DC-3 parked just
outide the main exhibit hall, and I enjoyed reading the large
illustrations of each decade around the wall.  The most interesting
told how LAX was disguised to look like a farm during World War
II, complete with fake cows created by Hollywood set decorators.  
It was a wonderful story of how two of our major
industries--movies and aircraft--cooperated to keep people safe.

The museums made me grateful for Los Angeles and the wonderful
learning opportunities here.

The other pages of this website are about the summer
June, July, and August--and the great things that
happened in  each.

I hope you enjoy this website and the stories I tell.  I hope you'll
respond with stories of things you're grateful for--whenever they
occurred.  Just write me at and share your
November 2013
Katyana (left to right) panning
for gold (in pink hat), standing
in front of the statue of Gene
Autry and his horse, and
choosing a mask to wear with
the Chinese dress-up clothes in
the Heritage Court at the Autry.
Katyana (left to right) "flying" a
DC-3, disembarking and waving to
her fans like a movie star, and in
the main exhibit hall at the Flight
Path Museum.
Chuck wagon at the Autry.
Stagecoach at the Autry.