Brave is the story of Princess Merida, a skilled archer
and the daughter of King Fergus of Scotland.  She lives
in a castle with her father, her mother Queen Elinor and
her three little brothers.  

She's the hero of the Disney Pixar cartoon movie, but
Brave isn’t your typical princess movie.

As Merida herself puts it, “There comes a day when I
don’t have to be a princess.  No rules, no expectations .
. . a day where anything can happen.  A day where I can
change my fate.”

That day doesn’t depend on a prince, charming or
otherwise, who happens to be riding through the

As Pixar explains, "Merida defies an age-old custom,
unleashing chaos in the kingdom.  When she turns to
an eccentric witch for help, she is granted an ill-fated

She has to harness all her resources, including her
triplet brothers, to undo the curse and discover the true
meaning of bravery.

According to
Bruce Diones of the New Yorker, “Pixar’s
13th full-length film is the studio’s first to feature a
female as its central character, and a memorable
creation she is, too.”

It is based on
Brenda Chapman's love of traditional
fairy tales and her reflections on raising her daughters.  
Both Chapman and
Mark Andrews are credited as the
movie's directors.

The film was released in June of 2012.  
When I was growing up, princesses waited around for
handsome princes to ask them out.  By the time my daughter,
Kathy, was Katyana’s age, she owned a book called
Princess Book
, which had princesses acting as their own
heroes. Fortunately, Katyana doesn’t know it was ever any
other way.

Brave won the Oscar for Best Animated Film of the Year for
Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews; the
Alliance of Women
Film Journalists' award for Best Animated Feature, and Best
Animated Female for
Kelly Macdonald who voices Merida; the
Annie Award for Production Design in an Animated Feature
Steve Pilcher; BAFTA and Golden Globe's Best Animated
Film, as well as numerous audio and visual awards.

The film inspired Kathy to plan the theme for Katyana's
birthday party, reminded me of its beautiful Scottish setting,
and made me think about what the virtue of
bravery is, so
those are this month's topics.  I'd be glad to hear from you
about any of them at
May 2014
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Brave:  The Movie
Princess Merida (second from left) with her triplet brothers, her father, King Fergus, and her mother Queen Elinor
Brave movie poster (right)