Steven Johnson wrote a fascinating book, How We Got
to Now:  Six Inventions That Made the Modern World.  It
was also made into a
series on PBS.  I watched it, and
Kathy, knowing how much I'd enjoyed it, bought me the

Johnson and I both like to trace the connections
between things.  That's why my website has its
structure--so I can explain several different aspects of
the same subject.

Johnson's chapter on "Glass" inspired this month's
Glass is a big part of our everyday lives.  

Every morning when the sun comes up, I open the
blinds to let the light in through our glass windows.  I fill
a glass vessel with orange juice for breakfast.  I put on
my reading glasses to read a book or look at
something on the glass computer screen.

Glass has been around for a long time.  It was found
among the
treasures of the Egyptian Pharaoh
Tutankhamun, and it plays an important role in the Internet
today.  It's also vital to
medicine and other technologies.

This month we'll explore the history of glass and some of its
varied uses.  Articles in the website include
Glass in History,
Lenses and Fiberglass.  Write me with your reactions at
February 2015
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