October 2015
Billie Silvey
Billie's graduation photo (left) from Pepperdine
University in the spring
of 1967.   

Our little family (below) on the UCLA campus for
Frank's graduation in 1972.  
I graduated with a B.A. in English/journalism
from Pepperdine University in the spring of
1967, the first person in my immediate family
to do so.  One special friend from that time,
Harris Ives, is teaching English in Japan.  He
visited us this summer and we went together
to the Getty Museum.
 Special couples like
Bill and Ruby Green from Pepperdine and
Michio and Lorraine Nagai were great
examples of scholarship, Christianity and

Frank and I had tried to stay even with our
credits so we could graduate together, but
Frank was still in the Navy.  

I was so sad and lonely that we couldn't be
together for such an important event that I
skipped my graduation ceremony.  I just went

back to my parents' house in Texas and let  
Pepperdine mail me my diploma.

When Frank finally got out of the Navy, he
enrolled in UCLA, graduating with a
bachelor's degree in philosophy in 1972.  
One of his teachers, Marilyn Adams, became  
a special friend.  She currently teaches at
Princeton and wrote a blurb for the back of
my most recent book,
The Victory Lap:  
Growing Old with God.

Kathy and I were happy to have him back
home with us and proud to attend his
graduation ceremony (above).

Special friends (below, from left)  Harris Ives, Marilyn Adams (right),
Michio Nagai and Bill and Ruby Green.