January 2015
Billie Silvey
Turner's Modern Rome--Campo Vaccino
(above) at auction at Sotheby's July 7.  The
painting has had only two owners in its
171-year history.  It was recently on long-term
loan to the National Gallery of Scotland.

In excellent condition, it has been virtually
untouched since Turner completed it, and is
still in the original frame.  

"The acquisition ranks among the greatest in
the history of the Getty Museum," according to
acting Museum Director
David Bomford.  
"Paintings by Turner rarely come to market,
and the absolutely flawless condition of this
one makes it the work against which all other
works by Turner will be judged."

"This is a major accomplishment for the
Getty and will bring great pride to the
Museum and to Los Angeles."   
The Turner collection from the Tate in
London is coming to the
Getty Center, 1200
Getty Drive in Los Angeles, from February 24
to May 24, 2015.  

"Painting Set Free" is the title of the exhibition
of sixty oils and watercolors, on loan from the
Tate.  The
Tate houses the world's largest
collection of Turner's works, which can be
seen in changing displays in the
Gallery there.

The Tate is home to the Turner Bequest, 300
oil paintings and thousands of sketches and
watercolors, including 300 sketchbooks.  The
bequest includes all the works left behind in
Turner's studio at his death in 1851.

The Getty has three Turners in its permanent
collection and made a successful
bid on
Turner at the Getty
Turner's Modern Rome--Campo Vaccino, with the Colosseum on the background and the ruins of the Forum to the right.