December 2014
Billie Silvey
Food and
the Family
From the year Frank and I married, in 1963,
to last year, the first year Kathy made our
Thanksgiving dinner, I've probably stuffed fifty
turkeys, and made a hundred pies.

Thanksgiving was always my favorite meal of
the year.  I loved the smell of the house while
it was cooking, the combination of tastes and
textures.  It was hard to give up.  

But I don’t have the energy I used to for big
projects.  I doubt that I could even pull a
whole stuffed turkey out of the oven and get it
onto a platter any more.  It was time for this
particular torch to pass.

Fortunately, Kathy is a really good cook.  This
year, for instance, she made Cider Brined
Turkey, Bread Dressing, Cranberry Relish
with Orange, Ginger and Mint, Mashed
Potatoes, Roasted Green Beans, Dilly Rolls,
Apple Pie with Spiced Caramel, and
Butterscotch Pie with a Curry Crust.

I remember my first family's holidays at my
grandmother's house in Tulia, Texas.  

Through the years, new fashions in food and
menues have come to the fore, but through it
all has wound a strong thread of
family love
and care.

Having attended high school in Italy, Frank
contributed his love for Italian food.  
became a staple in our household, and one
of the kids' favorites.  

Even if work or school schedules wouldn't
allow us to have other meals together, we  
had dinner together as a family down through
the years until Kathy went to college.

We also enjoyed pancakes or waffles on
Saturday mornings when the kids were

We've come to value our times together,
times we've shared, especially conversations
over meals.

Birthdays are another special occasion for
family meals.  I have a special chocolate
cake that all the members of our family have
decided is indispensable for their
birthdays--no matter what the rest of the meal
may be.

Preparing wholesome food is one way we
show our love for our family.  Sitting down at
the table together is one time we share our
lives and interests.  The evening meal, in
particular, can be a time of recounting the
various activities of our days.

Holiday meals are a time to look back over
the year that is passing and forward to what
we hope is yet another year of shared growth
and enjoyment.  Value that opportunity and
the individuals who make up your family.