March 2015
Billie Silvey
Darrian was homeless for four years.  “It’s
something I never thought I’d go through,”
she said about telling her story. “But if I’m
able to help another young female, I’ll be
happy to share.”

Darrian's story shows what can happen
when a motivated person goes through the
process of taking advantage of the help that
is available in overcoming homelessness.

She had been in Arizona with her mom, but
the relationship was rocky.  She was
working, and she moved out on her own.  But
she lost her job and wasn’t able to get a new
one.  She was forced to leave her apartment.  

Darrian went to a shelter, then stayed with a
friend until she found a place.  

Her mom picked her up after seven months
and moved back to LA.  Darrian moved back
to a Phoenix shelter for a year, then was back
out with her sister and sleeping in her car.  

She lived in shelters through PATH and
Gateways off and on for three more years.  
Meanwhile her husband had left her with
baby Kristian.  
She needed help.  First, she went to the
county office in Los Angeles.  They gave her
general relief, a motel voucher and food

Then she went to
PATH (People Assisting
the Homeless) just two blocks west on
Beverly and Madison.  They supplied a case
manager and doctor and got her into
transitional housing with a TV, vending
machines and microwave.

The case manager helped her fill out
applications and income verifications.  A
doctor gave her TB tests.  

Her mental state was under pressure, and
she found help at
Edelman, which supplies
mental health treatment for children, families
and adults.  

Thanks to the services she found and her
own efforts, this January she got a studio
apartment of her own, paying her own rent,
something that as a mother she is proud to

The baby has been a blessing.  “He keeps
me balanced,” Darrian says.
        Out of
and Darrian