Large cardboard cutouts of Merida (inside. above) and
Merida with her horse Angus (outside), green, blue and
purple balloons, and banners with clan signs (left)
decorated both inside and out.

When the children went home, they took goodie bags
(below) with bullseyes painted on the sides and an "arrow"  
(a pencil with the bark still on and feathers) holding it
closed.  Inside were little bags of Teddy Grahams, a
bottle cap necklace, a wisp made of blue tissue paper
wrapped around a Tootsie Pop, a blue glow bracelet, and

They also took warm memories of feasting in a medieval
banquet hall, shooting with bows and arrows, and riding
and caring for a pony.
May 2014
Billie Silvey
Brave: The Party
The movie Brave is a beautiful picture of the love
between a mother and her daughter.  When
granddaughter Katyana turned eight this April, her
mother, Kathy, planned a
Brave birthday party at the  
house of her mother, me.   

She turned our dining room into a banquet hall
(below), with a long banquet table covered with a
rustic cloth and a green runner decorated with celtic

Roasted chicken legs, fresh fruit and vegetables,
pretzel sticks, chocolate bear paws, empire biscuits
(with raspberry filling and cherries on top, like those  
in the movie), and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes
were served from rustic slices of wood with the bark
on, raised to varying heights on tree trunks (Kathy got
them in December from a Christmas tree lot) with
moss draped around them.  Apple juice, lemonade
and water were served in medieval-looking goblets.

The backyard had a big bullseye for archery (a painted
sheet stapled onto a round wooden picnic table), a
beanbag game decorated with pictures of the triplets
as bears, three stuffed bears hidden among the
trees, and bricks for building a castle.  

But the star attraction was Midnight, the Shetland
pony.  Suzie, a friend of Kathy's, brought Midnight and
gave the kids pony rides on her and let them brush
her and feed her carrot scraps.
Children shooting arrows in the backyard (above), with Midnight, the pony, tied
to a tree behind them.  Katyana (right) with her bow and arrows beside a Merida
stand-up with hers.
Children feasting at the banquet table, with goodie bags (upper right) on the
buffet behind them.