The angled, golden sunlight proclaims the arrival of
fall.  In fact, in
Los Angeles, that may be all that does.  
Our seasons are subtle, but just like in the rest of the
nation, it means that
school is starting, and the holidays
aren’t far behind.

For many people, myself included, much of the holidays
is about
food and meal planning, cooking and eating
and spending time with those we love.   

Menu plans transition from hamburgers, shishkabobs
and salads to apples and sweet potatoes, soups and
stew in the fall.  We want things that take
longer to cook,
that fill the house with warmth and the scents of
cinnamon and sage.

From trick-or-treat candy and pumpkins for Halloween,
from turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie at
Thanksgiving, to
Beef Wellington, Boston Brown Bread,
eggnog and candy canes at Christmas, our picture of
the holidays involves gathering around the table with
family and friends and eating more than we thought
possible—or even wise.

I used to give cans of Boston Brown Bread as gifts to
our neighbors for Christmas.  Even though It's been a
while since I've felt up to that, the memories remain.

Fall foods shout the season, even in cities like ours.  Foods
associated with fall include apples, pears, dates, grapes,
figs and winter squashes, peppers, tomatoes, walnuts,
cheeses, dried fruit, potatoes, Brussels sprouts,
bouillabaisse, corn chowder, sausage, oatmeal, hot
chocolate and pumpkin bread.

Winter foods are even heartier--gumbo, lasagna, chili,
cornbread, enchilada casserole, mulled cider, pasta, baked
potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese and broccoli, and
bread, pies, cobblers and brownies fresh from the oven.

Food is more than just the nutrients needed to sustain life.  
Food--especially holiday food--has to do with
community--people who are connected in various ways
coming together over food.

Our earliest experiences of food come from our
When Jesus wanted to draw his people together, he
instituted a common
meal.  Each of us has a culture of food
which is influenced by our cultural heritage.

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thoughts about food and about this website.
December 2014
Billie Silvey
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Brie    Crackers    Cherry Cider
Baked Turkey    Stuffing     Giblet Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Garlic Potatoes    Sweet Potato Casserole
Brussels Sprouts    Relish Dish
Hot Rolls    Butter
Pumpkin Pie    Apple Pie
Whipped Cream    Vanilla Ice Cream

Beef Wellington
Mashed Potatoes
Broccoli with Lemon Butter
Boston Brown Bread
Sparkling Cider    Egg Nog
Here are a couple of my traditional holiday menus from years past: